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Last updated 23 Nov 2023
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  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 15

      Saturday comp - No games

    2. Sat 15

      Roma inter-district Carnival

      7:15 AM to 4:00 AM
    3. Sun 16

      Roma inter-district Carnival

      7:15 AM to 4:00 AM
    4. Wed 19

      Wednesday comp - No games

    5. Sat 22

      Saturday comp - No games

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TNA Coaches Convenor

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TNA does not currently have a coaches convenor. If you're interested in helping either as a coaches convenor or on a committee for coaches, please email us via


Important - KNEE Program - Warmup and Warm down programs

Knees and ankles are the most commonly injured body parts of netballers and most of these injuries occur when landing.

Injury to one of the major stabilisers of the knee, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), is a common problem, annually representing approximately 25% of serious injuries (Netball Australia National Insurance Data).

Netball Australia’s KNEE Program is designed to prevent these injuries occurring.

Whether you are a coach to your child’s netball team, high performance coach, support staff or parent, this program is designed to keep your players on the court for longer and moving more efficiently when there.

Junior - (11-14)

Junior Program (1 page PDF) - This program is a complete warm up forjunior netballers (under 14).
Junior coaches guide

Recreational (14+)

Recreational Program (1 page PDF) - This program is as a complete warm up for recreational netballers (14 years+).

Elite - (State and National representatives)

Elite Program (1 page PDF) - The program is a complete warm up for an elite netballers (state and national representatives).


Tools to help with coaching

Netball Skills Development Framework

The Netball Skills Development Framework (formerly the National Core Curriculum of Netball Skills) has been developed as a guide for coaches of NetSetGO! through to elite levels.
The purpose is to provide a national consistency in standard and appropriate skill development and progression across our pathway. The Netball Skills Development Framework outlines the appropriate sequence of skills to teach players across five learning stages – Foundation, Development, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite – each one representing a progressive increase in skill and complexity for the developing player.

Coaching Videos

We have collected some extra resources in the form of videos we think are super helpful on key aspects of the foundation and development framework.

Netball  Skills  Development  Program p 2
Netball  Skills  Development  Program p 3

Rostering tool - is a great website and IOS app for assisting coaches with rostering and player positional management.


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