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Last updated 23 Nov 2023
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  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 15

      Saturday comp - No games

    2. Sat 15

      Roma inter-district Carnival

      7:15 AM to 4:00 AM
    3. Sun 16

      Roma inter-district Carnival

      7:15 AM to 4:00 AM
    4. Wed 19

      Wednesday comp - No games

    5. Sat 22

      Saturday comp - No games

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Toowoomba's Rep Netball

Toowoomba Netball Association (TNA) consider representative netball to be a progression in
a player's development. It provides the opportunity for players to further learn the importance
of teamwork; aid in building self-confidence through development of skills; provide another
path to develop friendships; and learn about the commitment and effort required to be
successful. It is part of the pathway towards playing at the highest standard attainable.

Player pathways

GBNL - Greater Brisbane Netball League

The Greater Brisbane Netball League (GBNL) caters for players turning 16 or older in the year of Competition and includes 16 years, 18 years, 23 years, and Opens groups.Games are played in Brisbane, typically at Hibiscus stadium or Nissan arena.

You can find more information about our current GBNL team here


State Age

Junior State Age and Senior State Age (JSA & SSA)

Junior State Age and Senior State Age is a Netball Queensland led is a major participation, community based, state
competition for players aged 12 – 14 (junior) and 15 - 18 (senior) who are representing a Netball Queensland member Association (Toowoomba Netball Association) at the highest representative level.

For more information on the 2024 JSA click here

Click here for 2023 JSA photos
Click here for 2023 SSA photos



The Inter-District (ID) comp is a carnival based comp for representative players from all associations across the Darling Downs. The competition includes two grading carnivals followed by two divisional carnivals and a finals series played at the 5th carnival at the completion of the divisional rounds.

The ID series is run by the Darling Downs Netball Association and offers a quality representative netball experience to teams from ages 10 to Open throughout our region.

Age groups 11/12 years, 13/14 years, 15/16 years and Open with multiple divisions offered within each age group depending on team numbers.



Trials for our GBNL, State Age and Inter-District teams are generally conducted during terms 3 or 4 and consist of 2 phases.

  • Phase one – Squad Selections: Conducted over two or three sessions. TNA “lead coaches” selecting in phase one will not include coaches assigned to that age group. A squad of up to 30 players deemed of standard will be selected for a State Age squad. There is no limit applied to the number of players of standard selected for the Inter-district squad

  • Phase two – Team Selections: Conducted over two or three sessions. Selectors in phase two will include the coaches assigned to that age group along with a lead coach within TNA from outside that age group. For the State Age squad phase two will include fitness testing delivered by the TNA fitness provider.



We see carnivals as a fantastic and crucial opportunity to facilitate team bonding, build team cohesion and to practice what we've been training towards in the pre season.

We generally attend 1-2 day carnivals targeted at GBNL level competition

State Age (Jnr & Snr):
We generally attend at least 3 day carnivals in Brisbane in the lead up to the main State Age event.

The competition includes two grading carnivals followed by two divisional carnivals and a finals series played at the 5th carnival at the completion of the divisional rounds.This usually involves a carnival in Roma where families are encouraged to stay overnight.



Players will receive details about training times, including fitness sessions, from their team officials when invited to join a team. Players are expected to commit to all training sessions. TNA rep teams generally train on a Monday night.

GBNL teams train at St Ursula's College
State Age and Inter-district teams train at TNA courts


Code of Conduct

All players accepting a position within our Rep teams are required to read and accept our TNA Representative Player Policy.

Parents and guardians

Parents and guardians should encourage children to participate but do not force them. Always use encouraging
language that focuses on a player’s/team’s performance rather than winning or losing

Parents/guardians are encouraged to be part of and support a player’s representative opportunity but not interfere with or obstruct TNA or team official’s responsibilities. This includes:

  1. Coaching from sidelines
  2. Offering contradictory advice
  3. Delaying team meetings
  4. Argue with an official /volunteer



A guide to fees are listed below however fee's can change each year depending on the location of events, the number of carnivals we attend and other factors outside of our control.

As an association, we try to keep our fee's as close to cost as possible and we aim to have fee's set in time for trials each year so Parents and Guardians are fully informed and aware. 

Fee's guide only - Actual fee's will be included at the time of Squad selection each year

  • GBNL - $650
  • Senior State Age - $770
  • Junior State Age - $1300
  • Inter-District - $350
  • Training Partners - 50% of the relevant fee

We also offer flexible payment arrangements and plans through our website, however please email us if you need to discuss fee's further

What makes up our fees?

  • 1 day Carnivals -  Registration, Umpires, Mini-bus Hire, First Aid
  • JSA Carnival - Umpires, Registration Fees, Tent Hire, Ice and Snacks, Accommodation and meals, First Aid, Mini-bus Hire, Catering / Meals
  • SSA Carnival - Registration fees, Umpires, Mini-bus hire, First Aid, Tent hire, Ice and Snacks
  • Paid Coaches
  • Petty Cash / Sundries
  • Fit Lab Costs
  • Presentation Night Costs


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